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Autonomous Parking Vehicle  Machine Learning

A vehicle that can park and drive autonomously. There are two implementations, one is done using a simple decision tree, therefore it is quite limited in features and the other one uses reinforcement learning to teach the car how to drive, avoid objects and park in a designated spot. This is implemented in unity using C# and ML-AGENTS. This project is explained in details within a Dissertation. Code can be found here.

Mobile Racing Game - WIP

A mobile video game that employs a sim-cade control style with an Isometric view. The game is currently still in early stages therefore comes with the following features: Multiple car classes, mimicking the real world F1, GT3 and other racing disciplines. Artificial Intelligence that is able to follow a racing line. A checkpoint system which stops the player from cheating. Working timers. Position system that tracks each vehicle. Visual effects such as air hitting the vehicle and camera effects that emphasizes the feeling of speed. This game is developed with Unity, OOP C# and Visual Studio. Project can be found here.

Car Management Web App

This is a web application that represents a vehicle management system. It allows the user to sort multiple vehicle based on body type, view the vehicle in more detail and add it to a garage. The app also features a database, a login system, roles based access, admin role with the ability to add, delete and modify existing products in the database. This app was developed using  ASP.NET Core, MVC, HTML, JS, Bootstrap, SQL and Visual Studio.

Game Engine

A game engine that features input management support. Mouse, keyboard and controller support. The ability to render 3D graphics, detect collision and audio management.

The engine was developed using OpenGL, OpenAL, C++ and Cmake.  This engine has documentation that was created with Doxygen. Project can be found here

Lights and Shadow in OpenGL

An OpenGL app that renders light and shadow. The main role of the program is to simulate light and render shadow accurately depending on the position and type of light. The program features Directional lights, Spotlights and Area lights. Advanced techniques have been applied to get a more realistic shadow and avoid problems such as peter panning, shadow acne and other visual discrepancies. This program was developed with C++, OpenGL and Visual Studio. Project can be found here.

Woof Sumo

Woof Sumo is an arcade game developed for a game jam event. This game was created in collaboration with Cosmin Apopei. It was created using C#, Unity, Visual Studio and GitHub was used for version control.

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